A Deep Dark Leap to the Right

There’s something in the atmosphere this weekend that isn’t good. For all the glorious weather and talk of fairytale weddings, something doesn’t feel right. Beneath the surface things are changing. They are testing the water. They are seeing what they can get away with…

Profiles are being deleted without warning or explanation. In the last 12 hours, Facebook has deleted over 50 sites. It may well be that these groups are technically in violation of Facebook’s terms of agreement, which state that participants in social media must not make use of a “fake name”. But the timing – on the royal wedding and May day weekend – is deeply suspicious. We don’t know for certain, but this purge of online organising groups could be linked to the wider crackdown on protest by authorities in Britain. Either way, it is a scandalous abuse of power by Facebook to arbitrarily destroy online communities built up over many months and years. These groups provide a vital means for activist groups to communicate with their supporters.”

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  1. The fact that this is happening on International Worker’s Day is a very big coincidence. Was the wedding timetabled to clash on purpose – dispell unrest and anger with a healthy dose of patriotism and romance? I’m too cynical to be a real conspiracy nut, but it is very convenient timing is it not?

  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/apr/29/facebook-accused-removing-activists-pages

    Article in The Guardian:

    “A spokeswoman for Facebook said activists would be contacted by email and told how to re-activate their accounts correctly. They said this would take several days.”

    The few days that just happen to be both around a royal wedding and May Day, when anti-cuts marches were planned!?

  3. The wedding did provide an extremely effective distraction for them!

  4. The Tories want to get rid of the May Day bank holiday altogether because of it’s historical associations with civil unrest and strike action:


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