Space Invader

A Space Invader spotted in Rome

Space Invader, the French graffiti street artist featured in Exit Through the Gift Shop, uses mosaic ceramic tiles to make his pixelated creations. Then he pastes them onto exterior walls around the world with tiling grout.

If you’re interested in seeing more of his creations, there is a flikr group where people can post photos of space invaders they’ve spotted. Definitely worth a butchers using flikr’s slideshow function, there are some great shots in there.

And also a Space Invader Facebook page.

Space Invader PA_??? : Paris 4eme

My favourite photo in the Space Invader flikr group pool.


  1. There are loads of these in Manchester, you can buy a map which shows you where they all are. Great documentary, exit through the gift shop, that guy Theirry is a legend!

  2. Exit through the gift shop is great. It totally opened my eyes to street art. I think Space Invader is awesome, would love to see some of his stuff in the streets.

  3. Thanks !

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