Someone introduced me to the AdBlock browser extension the other day, it’s 100% free and it actually works really effectively. You don’t notice it in action until you go onto a webpage which would normally have a load of adverts (like a video file hosting site for example) and there is just a mass of beautiful blank space where the ad banners usually are!

You may know about it, or another similar browser extension already, but it was news to me that one could be free and work so effectively! So I felt compelled to share it. It’s improved my surfing experience no-end.

Firefox AdBlock
Google Chrome AdBlock
Safari AdBlock


  1. If this catches on it will be interesting to see how the web climate changes. Most sites that make any money at all at the moment do so through advertising (although I always wonder who the hell it is that actually clicks on those damn things).

    • Yeah, it even blocks facebook’s ads (and those annoying ones with sound, you know the ones, the ones that blart-out really loudly and randomly when you’re trying to watch southpark or something). I think ad banners are a rubbish way for websites to make money personally, straight away it makes the website look cheap. Exactly – who clicks on them?! I’ve always wondered that. Someone must! I much prefer the donation options where you can donate money to the website if you think it deserves hard-cash for their efforts. Like a optional service tip. And/or the website can sell promotional merchandise. And there are affiliate schemes too. Once a website has a lot of regular traffic it’s worth money. Adverts are an unimaginative way to tap into that potential market imo.

    • … Google ads aren’t so bad, lol. At least they’re unobtrusive and blend into the background… sometimes too well though!

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