Free Bag of Crisps!

So a new series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle started tonight. Hurrah!

I lurve Stewart Lee. He makes me laugh. His jokes are funny, very funny, but I like most the way he tries to alienate a large parts of his audience. I didn’t feel that way before, but the more I see of Lee, the more I appreciate the subversive elements of his “comedy”.

He’s gained popularity in the last few years, and he’s trying to get rid of all those “middle-class tossers” (and I know quite a few of them, living in Lee’s home town, Solihull) who have jumped on the band wagon. He tries to trip his audience up with jokes that are a bit shit (or blue and bigoted in many cases), and it’s funny and satisfying (and more than a little unsettling) when it works. I saw him live in December, in a small intimate venue in London, it was good. One of his “jokes” was centred around taking the piss out of a single, working class mother struggling with her kids and her shopping on a bus; a trap more than a few fell into.

One common criticism of his jokes is that there aren’t enough of them… if you feel the same way, go seek-out another stand-up that will suit your short attention-span! And leave Stewart for the rest of us, unadulterated and de-constructed. Crisps crisps crisps crisps crisps crisps.

Crips. I lurve the way he stands by his left-field guns. He doesn’t tailor his act for the masses, he keeps it real. His shows are witty, cutting, subversive and politically charged, and at times, a bit moronic and stupid.

Long live Stewart Lee!

If you missed it, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle episode 1 series 2.


  1. Just watched this and immediately felt the need to watch it again! I loved the first series of Comedy Vehicle, but this seems to take Lee’s penchant for self-reference and self-parody of self-reference to all new subtle levels! He is, without doubt, one of the most intelligent stand up comedians – maybe too clever for his own good 😉 Also, that is the most I have ever heard the word “crisps” in any single 30 minute period of my life…

    • “..too clever for his own good” – definitely. I thought he’d toned-down the more “uncomfortable” elements of his comedy for this series (so far!). Obviously he’d been asked to make this series more “accessible”. Which is a big shame really, cus for me, the thing that makes him so great is that he doesn’t usually give a fuck. In his “vegitable stew” live series that I saw in London, he wasn’t so… reserved when it came to alienating his (unwanted) audience.

    • … and he’s definitely going down the self-parody route. – Deconstructing his own routine!

    • … like the charity thing. He did that in his vegetable stew show, but it was a lot less diluted than the version of the joke in this episode comedy vehicle series 2. He went off on one big time about celebrities and acts of “charity”. Twisted my melon something rotten.

      • … but instead, this time he went off on one about crisps. LOL!!

  2. ha ha just watched it for a second time, deffo worth a repeat viewing – there are loads of subtle jokes I missed first time around.

  3. “Yeah my Grandfather likes crips… he likes all flavors of crips… but he hates the Japanese tho” hah brilliant! I’d like to see him live.

  4. Episode 2 is even better, watching it now. Visible otters!!

  5. Thought I recognised the Otter joke. It’s from If You Would Like A Milder Comedian, which is awesome. If you like this, watch that!

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