Egypt Sentences Blogger to 3 Years

There follows a link to a New York Times article about an Egyptian blogger said to be the ‘first prisoner of conscience in Egypt after the revolution,’ The blogger, Maikel Nabil, 25, was sentenced to 3 years for criticizing the military, nothing else, and his views were of pacifism- he was also a conscientious objector and campaigner against conscription. Nothing he was charged with would be legal under democratic law.

Read more in The New York Times


  1. There’s still a long way to go in Egypt 😦

  2. This really fucking pisses me off! If anybody reads this and thinks ‘Oh well, nothing i can do’ or ‘Never mind, it’s nothing to do with my situation’, you’re a cunt! People need to be rallying together to prevent globalization turning into a massive problem. It’s coming, it might be quicker than you think and if there is no united front attempting to stop the ‘people in power’ then they’re gonna walk all over us! Take heed of what has happened in Egypt… This is a prime example of cunts with guns thinking they can silence innocent people with a view that doesn’t fit in with their strategies. I will be very interested to see at what point the masses (in Britain especially) realise this will affect them too, potentially before they have even had time to see changes being instigated. Wake up you fuckers!!! This is not acceptable behaviour.

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