Meriline Avenue – It1néraire

Meriline Avenue is the collaborative effort, combining the awesome forces of Aniline and John Merick. It1néraire is their debut album and is available for free download from SWISHCOtheque

Aniline consists of Florian (aka Ritzen) & Alex (aka Doss-House) and have been working together since early 2008. They are from Lyon and Poiters, France and you can hear their music here:

John Merick is also currently residing in France and you can hear his solo work here:

The album opens with a short intro and takes you smoothly to the first full length track, “333”. This reminded me of a futuristic TV theme from the 1980’s, but with all the sheen and finesse of modern production values. “Dôme” is a beautifully melancholic tune with a sinister edge, which I personally think contains something for everyone.  That statement could easily extend to the whole album though as it is massively diverse from track to track, which although makes you question the input of each member per tune, keeps the listener interested and stimulated throughout.

“Spider Pepper”, the stand out piece and my personal favourite, begins with an eerie undertone and wouldn’t sound out of place in the score for a Tim Burton movie. Although this track evolves quite a lot it has a wonderful structure which ebbs and flows seamlessly with subtle, rhythmical flourishes, building to a melodic crescendo comparable to that of Kettel or Plaid. “Seaside Street” is an amazing piece of ambient music and much to my disappointment only lasts for 1:46, as I could have drifted into my own world, listening to those sounds for at least 5 minutes.

When I played the album in Windows Media Player, I found it odd that 3 of the tracks were tagged with the artist name whereas the others were not, however let’s face it, this is a very minor issue and is in no way detrimental to this quality piece of work. It may be something that the label should keep an eye on for future releases though. Incidentally, the album name is translated to Itinerary and the track “37°37’42.39”N116°50’43.59”W” takes you to an unidentified area in the Nevada desert when entered into Google Maps, which I thought was a nice touch. You can tell a lot of effort went into the construction of all elements of the album including the titles and artwork, as well as the music.

“Meganeura” instantly reminds me of Aphex Twin’s “Polynomial C”, but in it’s vibe and atmosphere more than anything. This is soon replaced by, what I can safely say at this point in the album, the Meriline Avenue Sound, where beautiful melodies meet broken beats (as complex as you hear in Breakcore at times) and sit together with precision accuracy, increasing and decreasing in intensity at exactly the right points, then surprising you with unexpected key changes sometimes altering the whole direction of the tune.

In conclusion, anyone who is into electronic music should definitely have this in their collection and I will be listening to this album for a long time to come.  8/10



  1. Like the idea of using Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates as a track name, shame it’s been done now!

    Cool review man, will give it a good listen

  2. nice review… am finally getting round to listening to this today!!

  3. Hi guys,

    This is Swishcotheque records here. Thank you for the Meriline Avenue lp review!

    However, please can you remove your comment about not tagging the artist name on all tracks. We checked the tagging of the lp on various softwares (including media player v9) before release, and artist name came up fine.
    I’ve just re tested it and it works fine on my media player, mp3 player and vlc.

    Link to release page:

    Please contact us if there still exists a problem

    Thanks again for the review : )


  4. many thanks!

    For the “37°37’42.39”N116°50’43.59”W” mystery, search the triangle (for this use google earth)

    Thanks again

  5. i’ll be playing a few tunes on this weekend’s show 🙂

  6. Hi Swishcoteque,

    I have re-checked what I mentioned in the review regarding the tagging and I realise that my phrasing was not specific enough; What the issue was is that tracks 1,2 & 7 also read ” – Meriline Avenue” within the track titles, however the rest of the album displays only the individual track names. I know this is not a big thing, however I thought I should bring it to your attention. No disrespect intended and like I said, it makes no difference to the quality of the release. Hope this clears things up for you.

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