Conspiracy Theorists are the Enemy of the Resistance

Agree with him or not Charlie Veitch has become a legend.
Sadly he is wrapping up his Love Police project 

You can still watch all his previous work on his blog and youtube accounts
Some of it is hilarious, and most of it is bang on the money 😉


  1. The Moon Landing conspiracy stuff has been raging for decades… I see no reason why 9/11 will be any different. We know governments are corrupt and kill people, we know they are there to protect the interests of the rich, and to uphold the status quo. All of this conspiracy shit is a distraction that is also divisive. While people are lost in this they aren’t fighting the system. In this regard Veitch is bang on the money.

  2. Southpark said this very well in my favourite episode ever, The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce…

    Here it is shown that the government INVENTED conspiricy theories in order to preserve the idea that they have absolute power… interesting angle from my beloved Matt and Trey…

  3. A conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories used to debunk conspiracy theories in general – they’re too clever for their own good sometimes 😉

    • “A conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories used to debunk conspiracy theories in general” – nail/head/BANG!

      You go down that rabbit hole and you’ll end-up chasing your own tail. Matt & Trey didn’t come up with that (well, credit to them for picking-up on what that mind set can lead to, and using it in a way to highlight the craziness of that way of thinking), I’ve read posts by conspiracy theorists (or “truthers” as they prefer to be known) who start attacking each other, saying for example that Alex Jones is a secret agent of the Illunimati planted to mislead and discredit them, etc.

      • never said it was Matt and Trey that did ‘come up’ with that. Just thought they expressed it well and it is one of my fave eps!

      • Yeah it’s a classic. 🙂

  4. Absolutely love this! You don’t get much closer than that…. Charlie Veitch is a great philosopher; able to peel back the layers and analyse what is beneath. Why can’t more people take a step back and do this? It frustrates me more than most other instances of social lacking.

    • Charlie Veitch is an interesting character… for many years he was a 911 truther himself. He got involved in a BBC doco about the movement and changed his opinion overnight, calling the 911 truth movement a cult. This lead to him becoming a hate figure on the internet, with accusations that he was a mole, a shill, that he had been bought out by the establishment. Also that his activism was an ego massage and a platform to further his career. To my ears, he sounds like he has his head screwed on tighter than most of the people I meet in the truth movement. They are rarely activists or political beyond the paranoid.

  5. I couldn’t agree with Charlie Veitch more – very wise words. Conspiracy theorists are the enemy of the resistance.

  6. I think the mind of the conspiracy theorist comes from an over-simplified, lazy, paranoid world view, – they seem to actually want there to be a (sinister) secret hidden order behind the fabric of life. Maybe the real truth, that life is infinitely complex and chaotic is too frightening to contemplate/accept. It’s also a massive ego trip for many, as they see the general population (or anyone who does not agree with their view) as “sheeple”, implying that they are the only ones “awake” to the reality of affairs. Ironically, they are the ones who are deluded & ignorant, many of them reject anything that challenges their world view, without even considering it, rejecting on the ground that the one who is challenging that view is either an agent of the cabal or a brain-washed pawn. They are the antithesis of reason and truth.

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