On Thin Ice

David Attenborough's Frozen Planet

I recently read online that the final episode of David Attenborough’s latest epic, Frozen Planet, would not be shown in the US or China due to it’s apparently “controversial” angle on climate change.

On Thin Ice says nothing we haven’t already heard a million times about the polar icecaps melting – but it tells the story with amazing pictures of global warming’s effects on these regions, a calm and concerned narrative by Attenborough, and a lot of incontrovertible evidence. This was too much for some it would seem.

The BBC defended it’s decision to sell the series to 30 countries as a six-parter, with the 7th episode missing – stating that this was due to a difference in style rather than content (bullshit).

The good news is that Discovery Channel has backtracked under public pressure, and has now decided to show On Thin Ice on the US network, after a Change.org petition gathered 84,000 signatures complaining about this apparent censorship. Discovery Channel denies that the petition had any influence on their decision (more bullshit).

The episode itself is awesome. I watched it last night on BBC iPlayer and it is the best in the series in my opinion. It should still be available there to watch for viewers in the UK. Check it out



  1. Shock! Horror! Some parts of this amazing series weren’t filmed in the wild! Scandal! Fake!


    Except… who gives a fuck?

    Only those wanting to stir shit.

    As soon as I saw this now infamous polar-bear-giving-birth-scene, I knew it had to have been obtained with animals in captivity – it would be impossible to film this in the wild. Only a moron would have assumed that it was.

    Despite the fact that I spotted this straight away I did nothing about it. I didn’t complain to the BBC, and I didn’t slap it as a massive headline all over my gutter-press shit rag. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t matter.

    This series featured some of the best wildlife filming I have ever seen. It was edited and compiled with taste to perfection, and one scene doesn’t ruin that for me I’m afraid. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

    Given the Daily Mail’s editorial history on climate change, and the controversy surrounding Frozen Planet’s final episode, I can imagine the paper taking great glee in undermining this series…

    To anyone else who’s harping on about fake polar bear dens, please just watch episode 7, and then shut the fuck up.

    Here’s some Guardian thing on The Daily Mail’s climate change writing:


  2. I haven’t watched it all, only on the second episode but I’ve heard all about the polar bear giving birth in the media shit storm it created BECAUSE IT’S SO FUCKING IMPORTANT! So important in fact that I think anyone complaining should go to the North Pole themselves and be the first to film a live natural birth of a polar bear. Hopefully they’ll end up being eaten alive.
    Though the show’s fucking amazing and it’s not just about the wildlife!

  3. Yeah tis awesome, the cinematography is some of the best I’ve seen, and episode 7 is a well-balanced and insightful look at climate change in the polar regions… what’s not to like unless you’re either a “climate sceptic” or a joyless cunt!?

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