Don’t get sucked in to Kony 2012

“KONY 2012 is a cleverly orchestrated campaign specifically aimed at today’s youth, the future citizens of the world. Using state-of-the-art techniques and new technologies, the campaign is a first attempt at “reverse propaganda”, where the agenda APPEARS to emanate from the people. By using emotions, irrational thoughts and superficial explanations, KONY 2012 attempts to trick well-meaning people, who desire to make a positive change in the world, to instead fuel a gigantic war machine that is controlled by the world’s elite.

Is KONY 2012 trying to eradicate child-soldiers or is it attempting to create a new kind of child-soldiers?”

From Blacklisted News

Some stuff in the Guardian

Article on Al Jazeera

Fence-sitting from Vice

Ben Keesey defends Invisible Children

Critical article from Alternet

Why are The Telegraph and The Sun pseudo-defending it (Right Wing Press) and the Left and Liberal media are suspicious?

Why are there so many seemingly subliminal style edits in the film, and cryptic iconography?

Why is the TRI logo an INVERTED peace sign, similar to the Yggdrasil ‘tree of life’ rune used by right-wing extremists?

The above image is a shot from the Kony 2012 film – it is shown for less than a second…

Too many oddities and unanswered questions for me. Not solid evidence I know but I do not trust the people behind this, there is definitely a hidden agenda of some sort.

It’s the weird manipulative cultish overtones and glossy american christian-ness that sent my own alarm bells ringing – but yeah, don’t take this at face value anyway, do some background reading and make up your own mind.

Just a heads-up.



  1. Interesting reading on this campaign from vigilant citizen:

  2. Seriously, what the fuck!?

    Is this what happens when you start to believe your own insidious bullshit? Or is this what happens when you realise that is what you’re peddling?

  3. Much better effort from Vice Magazine, this is well worth a red:

  4. *read

  5. Rap News on the case too, how did I miss this!

  6. New article about the latest from these sinister Christians yesterday…. a bit too middle of the road for me, but… ”One recording of the co-founder and star of the film, Jason Russell, in 2005 has him describing Invisible Children as a “Trojan horse” going into the secular realm of US high schools to spread God’s word.” New info on where this is going… now that 5000 troops have been deployed, and a new video was released by ‘Invisible Children’ Such a clear and cynical piece of propaganda that serves US oil interests in the area. I doubt the leader was completely complicit in it though, seems to me like he is a Christian nut- and the way he was manipulated obviously got to him (see the naked pavement slapping)… loads of unanswered questions still. But I had thought it was a test of propaganda/subliminal messaging by viral video…until they actually mobilized! A new type of child soldier indeed. 16 American veterans commit suicide every day, according to Zeitgeist…

  7. yeah that guardian article was a bit weak… this is a bit better: – still pussyfoots around the main issue, but I think people are scared to say “this is insidious propaganda and emotionally manipulative bullshit with a right wing agenda” because 1. It has become a really popular movement amongst young people in the US and 2. Nobody wants to be seen as an apologist for African war criminals who torture children and shit.

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