It Never Rains But It Pours

It looks increasingly like Soundcloud is on dodgy ground to my mind. I cancelled my own premium subscription to their service after there was an unacceptable level of downtime. If I’m paying for something I expect it to be reliable, if it ceases to be so, I reserve my right to refuse to pay.

Now it looks like the website is cracking down on the supposed copyright infringement inherent in it’s DJ and Remix content. Sampling musicians, DJs uploading mixes and remixes made the website what it is today, so what gives? Has the website now got too big for it’s boots? Are DJs and producers going to have to go elsewhere to ply their wares?

Maybe we should all cancel our premium accounts, see how they like that?

Have a read of this article in Chicago Reader for a deeper insight into what Soundcloud are up to…

More views on this news (and the above image) can be found on



  1. yeah tis bogus, but the article ends on a good note; something will just come along and take its place. People always find a way of sharing art for free. 🙂

  2. true enough. it’s just every time we all have to up-sticks and move to whatever the latest network is, we have to start from scratch building up a following 😦 but yeah, they’re fighting an impossible war against piracy, wish they’d just give up and fuck off! 😀

  3. they don’t give up in the face of losing though… ever. look at the war on drugs…

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