Nude Egyptian Protests Morsi

FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi

Femen -  Apocalypse of Muhammad

Today in Stockholm

Femen are certainly not scared of a little controversy – and neither is anti-islamist Egyptian activist Alia Magda al Mahdi, for that matter.

Alia became famous for publishing a nude photo of herself on her blog about a year ago, describing the act as “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”, positioning herself as a “secular, liberal, feminist, vegetarian, individualist Egyptian” and an atheist since turning 16. She was recently denied entry into France where she was to participate in a nude protest by feminist provocateurs, Femen, outside the Egyptian embassy in Paris. The organisation claimed that Alia had been denied entry into the country by “European secret services”, and that “Unknown forces affecting the management of airlines Lufthansa and Scandinavian airlines” had deprived her of the opportunity to travel to the protest – although there seems to be little evidence for such a conspiracy at the moment.

Alia wrote this about the event on her blog four days ago:

“Yesterday, I was going to protest against the Egyptian draft constitution with Femen and other Arab women in front of the Egyptian embassy in Paris.
One day before, Inna Shevchenko booked me a plane ticket from Gutenberg Landvetter Airport to Paris on Lufthansa and paid for it online, but I couldn’t check-in at the airport. The ticket office woman told me that my ticket was canceled because the payment was not completed. I thought it was an error and had another Femen member buy me a ticket for the next flight on Scandinavian Airlines. I got a boarding pass, checked-in, passed airport security and was waiting for my flight. Then, the same woman came to me and told me that she got a warning about me and I have to show her the credit card used to pay for the ticket and it has to be mine or I will not take that flight. I replied that thousands of people travel with tickets paid for by other people everyday, event holders always pay for participants’ travel expenses, I traveled this way three times before on KLM and Ryan Air and the first ticket was also paid for by someone else. She spoke to me in a not nice way, took the boarding pass and told me to collect my luggage. The woman who gave me my luggage removed the sticker that was stuck to it when I checked-in.

I am disappointed that my freedom of expression is also oppressed in Europe.”

Undeterred by this little hiccup, Femen activists travelled to Stockholm to meet Alia and stage a nude protest there instead – outside the Egyptian embassy.

Femen’s ‘press release’ :

“International women’s movement FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi have called to say NO to Sharia constitution in Egypt!

Apocalypse of Muhammad

Today in the snowbound Stockholm the world has seen apocalyptic picture. 

International women’s movement FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi have called to say NO to Sharia constitution in Egypt! Before the decisive day of the referendum in Egypt activists came to the Embassy of Egypt in Stockholm to support Egyptian heroes who are resisting the sharia-dictatorial draft of the constitution of the president Morsi. FEMEN calls people  of Great Egypt to deny this religious bondage of newly appeared prophet Morsi and to give the chance for Egypt for the rightful democratic development.

“Sharia is not a constitution” – it has been written on Alia’s naked body. Her genitals have been covered by the poster shaped like Koran. The three posters in the hands of activists are the symbolic  religious books. In that way  FEMEN warns the world about the danger of the transformation secular constitution into religious. FEMEN warns muslim brother Morsi, if he gave an orders to shoot at his own people then his last resting will be the Nile with crocodiles, not the pyramids. 

Fuck off religious slavery! Viva freedom and human rights!”

Post on Femen website

Alia al-Mahdi’s Blog

Update: This video of the protest has just been posted by Femen on Vimeo


  1. Bravoo Alia!!!!!
    You have my full support!
    Thank you ladies,

    • Alia is a nasty bitch whore and it’s a pity that she is Arabic, she offended the Islam for a simple reason it is to have money and to live in happiness, and it is shameful and she has twists, but she forgot that Allah is certainly going to penalize her(it) sooner or later at the same time in its life and after its death

      • Fuck U big time……….

    • You people could sink no lower …

  2. […] by this little hiccup, Femen activists travelled to Stockholm tomeet Alia and stage a nude protest there instead – outside the Egyptian […]

  3. Until now i don’t understand how nudity does things! i mean this is something that goes back to prehistory era: when man was extremely primitive: how come now it’s a sign of freedom and civilization?

  4. I am thinking of disabling comments on this post as I’m tired of deleting abusive/hateful messages. If you have so much animosity for this woman why are you taking the time to look up her picture? To ogle then hurl abuse?? If so, then I am guessing you are possibly the sort of person Alia and others are fighting against. Misogynists. This post has had a lot of interest, thousands of hits from many different Islamic countries… It has rightly caused a stir, and I’m glad people across the world are looking this up to try and find out more about it. If you looked it up to catch a glimpse of a naked arabic lady and then call her a slut, then shame on you. Haram.

    • most of these comments have been on the pictures rather than here… many are in arabic, which I can’t read, and so some may still have abusive content. apologies if this is the case.

    • she is a slut get over your self, she showed her body to the whole world discriminating religions that treat woman higher then any human being, Islam sees women like precious jewels that should be covered.. however she is just an example of the white washed society we endeavor nowadays.. you clearly have no idea what you’re talking it’s not Haram so don’t say things that make you just look more naive accept the fact that she is an idiot that hates religion for selfish reasons that has nothing to do with the constitution, you will see how great of a country Egypt will be soon why? because of the Quran. why Quran because it is the last of Gods SWT unchanged spoken words. sharia has not yet been implemented correctly according to Quran its not an extremist religion. don’t take Saudi as an example the way of preach is imensley false. her putting the Quran covering her Vaginal area is clearly an indicator of hatred an she cant get any more offensive what a bitch im sorry she is such a bitch.

  5. Proud of youuu.. I’m a non-religious Arab and I totally support women breaking the rules of our patriarch world and women’s rights.. Thank you girls thank you..

  6. actually this is very stupid, and does more harm than good.

    I am against Mursy trying to control the country under the name of Islam.
    But such an act will back fire and helps the other side to convince the silent majority of his moral stand.

    this kind of historical protest, is still understood in some cultures like south america, but will never be seen as a moral ethical act in a conservative society like the egyptian.

    I suggest that this girl should try to solve her childhood trauma and channel her rebellion another way and not harm the revolution.

  7. Reblogged this on sohailmushfique.

  8. praise for lost causes “you people live in a wicked dream that u only wake up from once death approaches” then you will regret every single gram u said against religion, u stupid bitches religion is for your own good from God not to enslave but to warn you and take you out of the worlds misery and darkness, u dont live in paradise you are on earth
    go shoot a porno u stupid bitches, u probably hate relgion coz your vaginas can’t get enough dick ugh u disgust me
    at least religion, Islam Christianity and Jewdism gives a woman her worth of being treated like a Gem, a Gem that should be covered and taken care off from how precious she is.. not fucking thrown around to be showing her body for the world to see like worthless peices of shit
    sell your fucking soul to the devil already, i feel bad for your parents how they raised you oh they must be so proud and all supporters go fuck your selves

  9. Dear Alia,
    Girls like you have all Honours. You are bolder than men.
    You shall not be forgotten but remain in the hearts of Egyptians and others fighting for Liberty.

  10. Dear Alia,
    I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Good Health, Peace, Happiness and Luck.
    Pascal Rivière

  11. her body is very cheap to show it for the whole world !!!

  12. im a women who believes in freedom of speech and equality but to strip off in order to be a symbol of this is dusgusting .Wether she is speaking out for Egytpian women or not she had gone the wrong way about it .She has been brainwashed by the FEMEN whores and she shouldnt ever return to Egypt .What happened to her boyyfriend or has she dumped him now shes living in Sweden ? i suppose she is with many men now as thats how she is coming across .Wasnt she having underage sex with her Egyptian boyfriend ?To me she has been a wild child with no boundries

  13. Upon inspection Allah found that Alia does not shave her pubes as well..

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    • Good on U ,god bless U,we hope your message get through &no Religion !!!

    • go advertise elsewhere you slut

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    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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