Nude Egyptian Protests Morsi » Femen – Apocalypse of Muhammad

Femen - Apocalypse of Muhammad

FEMEN and antiislamist Egyptian activist Alia al-Mahdi


  1. great girls , we support ya .. Islamic rule should end in Egypt ..

    • why not? Egypt is an Islamic country.

      • why not? Egypt is an Islamic country.

        It is now but there was a time not long ago when it was mostly christian. STOP THE SPREAD OF INSANE ISLAM.

      • Name a country controlled by religion that isn’t an oppressive hellhole.

        That’s why.

      • nope can’t think of one

  2. بلاش تنزلى مصر بقى احسن لك

    • لا خليها تنزل علشان تتحاسب وتتأدب بالقانون

      • كُل بزاف كرش كبيره
        كُل بزاف بزاف زوك كبير

  3. Islamic rules Egypt from now on, till the end of time. Cover yourself and don’t get cold, girls.

  4. Aliaa el Mahdy do not represent the Egyptian people ..We all agree on the constitution

    • If the majority of a population agrees to be willingly enslaved, should those oppressed who disagree not fight to try and change their minds? Democracy is pointless if people vote for chains rather than change.

      • you better read Egypt’s draft constitution before you comment or base your comment on lies and propaganda of Mubark thieves.

      • I very much doubt all who are against this new constitution are supporters of the old regime. Many of the revolutionaries that overthrew Mubarak seemed to be secular and Christian to me, am I wrong? I’ve seen the new document and it doesn’t explicitly defend women’s rights and seems to be closely tied to Sharia law. But, I admit I am no expert, I have no firm opinion on whether this new constitution is a good thing or not. I do, however, believe in women’s rights, in the right to protest and in the complete separation of religion and state. I will support those with similar views (as I believe Alia does, and many in Egypt). Article 44 adds: “Insulting prophets and messengers is forbidden” is incompatible with free speech.

    • how can you say all agree when nearly half do not agree? you seem not to be following the news and speaking rubbish.

  5. stupid move , now the vote polls will go YES !

  6. Islam will dominate the world Insha’ ALLAH

  7. منافقين—كلكم تقولون سافله-وكلكم مشتهين تاكلوها

    • يمكن لانك بتفكر كده تعتقد ان كل الناس مثلك .
      نشتهى مين ! المريضة نفسيا اللى فى الصورة ؟

  8. Nakolaha 3ala eih 3ala sha3r kosaha el tale3 .. Tatak Niela..

  9. انت حقيره الحريه يا بنتي هي عدم ايزاء الاخرين وانت كده بتأذينا الله يلعنك

  10. كلبة وحيوانة ولا تعرف شيئا عن الإنسانية فضلا عن الدين وإيه يعني عريانة ….. لم تظهري لنا إلا القباحة والوساخة والرائحة النتنة ….. والكلبة أشرف منك ….. والكلب لا يعجبه النظر إليك لحقارتك ونذالتك

  11. I am thinking of disabling comments on this post as I’m tired of deleting abusive/hateful messages. I do not want to censor anything, but some of these comments have been vile. If you have so much animosity for this woman why are you taking the time to look up her picture? To ogle then hurl abuse?? If so, then I am guessing you are possibly the sort of person Alia and others are fighting against. Misogynists. This post has had a lot of interest, thousands of hits from many different Islamic countries… It has rightly caused a stir, and I’m glad people across the world are looking this up to try and find out more about it. If you looked it up to catch a glimpse of a naked arabic lady and then call her a slut, then shame on you. Haram.

    • Fuck you .

      • yes, well double fuck you.

  12. I can see her vagina.

    • I can see _inside_ her vagina

    • Would love taste her pussy too

  13. كس مصري معتبر اكيد لذيذ زي كل كساس المصريات …. طز في مرسي و الاخوان بتوعو

    • كس اختك يابن المتناكة يا خول يا عرص .. المصريين اسيادك و اسياد العالم

    • لو رديت هطلع دين امك

  14. المصرين ابطل ما يهم وحدة موسخه زي هدي في البوت مرحيض وهدي مرحض مصر

  15. Does anyone know how to piss off Femen so that they can protest a person? Like in front of him? And if so, could we get full-length picture profiles of the protesters ahead of time so I can weed out the not so eye-friendly ones? Being in America, my chances of having naked Honey Boo Boo types is pretty high. I won’t learn my lesson unless they’re hot.

  16. نعم للشريعة نعم للدستور لاللعلمانية لاللكفرة .

  17. liberty is good
    but not like uncivilized
    if a women don’t has respect shame then this is like beneath the animal because animal don ‘t wear clothes naturally

  18. why do you think we wear clothes?

  19. لهذا لحد صار علم مصر ترفعه الساقطات العاريات_لعنة الله عليكى وعلى اللى ربوكى

  20. If you think you can see her vagina, then you have no knowledge of the female body. All that can be seen is the front of her vulva. Her vagina is well hidden !!

    • All I will say is this it is her pussy one can see.

  21. 이집트 사태가 하루 빨리 해결되길 바랍니다.

  22. كل راجل يششوف الصورة دى ويدعى ولا يتحرك ساكنته يبقى كداب كداب كداب زى الاخوان الكدابين

  23. What happend to these ladies. Allaah see to the ryt way to them.

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