Surprisingly little in the mainstream news media about the Wall Street occupation this weekend. A media blackout on the issue? Who knows. Inspired by Tahir Square, the protesters have set up camp on Liberty Street, NY and are refusing to be moved. Massive Respect and solidarity to those American citizens fighting back against the financial elite that are now running (and ruining) the world.

Decent Guardian report on the protests

More info from the organisers

“On Tuesday morning at approximately 9am, the NYPD forcefully pushed through peaceful protestors and made multiple violent arrests at Zuccotti Park in downtown New York. The protestors did not appear to give any resistance, but were thrown to the ground, injured and handcuffed for peacefully occupying Lower Manhattan.” See below…

This is democracy, not plutonomy. Get used to it bankers, cops and politicians, it’s only going to get louder.

8 Billion Year Sentence for Bankers

Bankers in Prison
“One way to deal with this would be to make the rules consistent. So after an inquiry into the riots, the gangs would be given eight years to separate their regular mooches round shopping centres from their time looting Dixons. Or we could apply the same sentence to bankers as to looters for each pound’s worth stolen. So as one looter was given four months for stealing two bottles of water, the average banker would be jailed for around eight billion years, though obviously they could be out in four billion for good behaviour.”

Mark Steel writing in The Independent.

Funny and a good idea!

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Wikileaks vs. the banks

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The banking blockade on WikiLeaks: not only is it illegal under current trade laws, it goes against the fundamental principles of freemarket capitalism. Another sign that the game is rigged?