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Robert Foster tells it like it is!

If you haven’t seen Rap News yet you’ve been missing out!
A no-bullshit hip-hop news channel from Melbourne, Australia, taking on the biggest stories of these troubling times – it is a must-see for all comedy hip hop fans and liberal-minded fuckheads everywhere. The news is spat by fictional b-boy anchorman Robert Foster aka Hugo Farrant…

“Hugo Farrant fills the role of the amiable Rap News anchorman, Robert Foster – as well as all the guests who appear on the show. Hailing from Branksome in the UK, Hugo is a prolific rhymer and orator, MC and spoken-word poet who regularly graces the stages and festivals of Melbourne. Having spent seven years rhyming and rapping, he now co-rhymes/writes ~TheJuiceMedia: Rap News.”

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