Don’t get sucked in to Kony 2012

“KONY 2012 is a cleverly orchestrated campaign specifically aimed at today’s youth, the future citizens of the world. Using state-of-the-art techniques and new technologies, the campaign is a first attempt at “reverse propaganda”, where the agenda APPEARS to emanate from the people. By using emotions, irrational thoughts and superficial explanations, KONY 2012 attempts to trick well-meaning people, who desire to make a positive change in the world, to instead fuel a gigantic war machine that is controlled by the world’s elite.

Is KONY 2012 trying to eradicate child-soldiers or is it attempting to create a new kind of child-soldiers?”

From Blacklisted News

Some stuff in the Guardian

Article on Al Jazeera

Fence-sitting from Vice

Ben Keesey defends Invisible Children

Critical article from Alternet

Why are The Telegraph and The Sun pseudo-defending it (Right Wing Press) and the Left and Liberal media are suspicious?

Why are there so many seemingly subliminal style edits in the film, and cryptic iconography?

Why is the TRI logo an INVERTED peace sign, similar to the Yggdrasil ‘tree of life’ rune used by right-wing extremists?

The above image is a shot from the Kony 2012 film – it is shown for less than a second…

Too many oddities and unanswered questions for me. Not solid evidence I know but I do not trust the people behind this, there is definitely a hidden agenda of some sort.

It’s the weird manipulative cultish overtones and glossy american christian-ness that sent my own alarm bells ringing – but yeah, don’t take this at face value anyway, do some background reading and make up your own mind.

Just a heads-up.

The True Value of Money

This Charlie Brooker article had missed me by…

“Money is broken, and until we admit that, any attempts to fix the economy seem doomed to fail. We’re like passengers on a nosediving plane thinking if we all fart hard enough, we can lift it back into the sky. So should we be storming the cockpit or hunting for parachutes instead? I don’t know: I ran out of metaphor after the fart gag. You’re on your own from hereon in.

Banknotes aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. If they were, they’d all have identical value. Money’s only worth what the City thinks it’s worth. Or, perhaps more accurately, hopes it’s worth. Coins should really be called “wish-discs” instead. That name alone would give a truer sense of their value than the speculative number embossed on them.”

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Urban Exploration – Subterranean

Urban Exploration Subterranean EP ITK004

Urban Exploration’s debut release is out now on If The Kids records in Berlin. The EP is available from various online record shops including iTunes, Juno, Amazon and Beatport.

You can get the release here.

If you are taking part in the Black March protest, don’t worry, we will be posting this again in April, just wait till then 😉

Here are some previews of the release:

Why Socialism II: Socialism within Capitalism?

Is it possible?

Find out in the latest instalment of Jim Schofield’s new series about Socialism on SHAPE 

Clark – The Pining

New summery psychedelic sound from Warp’s biggest chameleon, Clark.

This is the second track preview from Clark’s new album ‘Iradelphic’ to be released 2nd/3rd April 2012. More info &

Preorder –

Review coming soon…

End of Empire

Operation Black March