Fat Cat Nurses Caused The Crash

Support the Strike

N30 Festival of Resistance

This isn’t just about Public Sector Pensions, this is about the survival of the Public Sector. You know, the people who look after your kids, who look after you when you’re ill, who clean your streets, who care for you when you’re old, who work hard to try and improve our communities. This is about supporting the people we rely on.

This is about standing up to the Government of the 1%, Big Business and the Financial elite, to tell them people are more important than profit margins and balancing the books. Don’t let them practice their “divide and conquer” tactics and influence your opinion against this action. If you are a Private Sector worker, don’t let envy stand in the way of what you know is right. We support your struggle for a fair deal too. Some Unions and strikers may well be taking action only for fear of their own future (which is still a legitimate reason), but most are worried about everyone – about the way our economy works in general, about a culture that doesn’t value what we value.

The Tories blame New Labour for borrowing too much, and for bailing out the banks – but they’d have done the same! This isn’t about partisan politics and blame, they’re all the same anyway. This is about fighting for a people’s right to a decent standard of living. About fighting for the pensions people were promised. About fighting Privatisation and the dark side of Capitalism.

The Resistance starts on the 30th of November when an estimated 3 million UK workers will refuse to work  – please support the strike, and help fight for a fairer Britain. Let’s bring down this ridiculous government that has done nothing but harm since it came to power.